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Create a Global Campaign At a Hyperlocal level!

Ads On Rides has the most comprehensive and up to date community of full time on demand drivers willing to place an ad on the back window of their vehicle. We gives companies the opportunity to advertise on a handful of vehicles in a single city or an entire fleet around the world. Our drivers are on the road at least 30 hours weekly and drive a minimum of 2,000 miles monthly.

Reach new customers through word of mouth and an organic marketing campaign. In addition to the thousands of impressions the exterior ad generates, drivers act as brand ambassadors and are able to hand out promotional material. Our network of drivers have their finger on the pulse of their city. Ads On Rides will help you tailor your message for different markets.


Cities and Vehicles

Select any city globally where you want your campaign to run and on how many vehicles you want to advertise on.

Pricing and Tracking

Price is $250 - $300/month per vehicle in most cities. Add GPS tracking to see where your ad has traveled.

Two Weeks

Once Installation and first month is paid and you have submitted your artwork, your campaign begins in two weeks.

View Prices And Start Your Ad Campaign Online or Call Us At 305-400-9490