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Earn Money By Referring Companies That Want To Advertise

Referral Policy

Ads On Rides partners with many people, organizations and cities to promote businesses at the local level while helping full time drivers supplement their income. We are a global company committed to empowering the local communities where we do business. This is why we provide a generous recurring commission to anyone that refers a business that advertises with our global network of on demand drivers. We also make it easy to donate your commission to your favorite cause or charity.

Ads On Rides offers rear window ads for $300/month which includes GPS tracking so companies can see where their ad has traveled. If a company does not require tracking we charge $250/monthly. There is a one time $200 installation for the vinyl wrap per vehicle.

Ads On Rides pays you $40 every month for every car that a company you refer advertises on, up to a year. If a single company you refer advertises on 10 cars you earn $400 every month ($40 x 10 cars) for as long as they advertise up to 12 months. It is very possible to earn a full time income selling advertising on our global network of vehicles.

50 active cars on the road = $2,000 monthly or $24,000 annually

100 active cars on the road = $4,000 monthly or $48,000 annually

200 active cars on the road = $8,000 monthly or $96,000 annually

If you have not already done so create a profile on the homepage at AdsOnRides.com. We will share with you everything you need to know about selling advertising on the exterior of full time on demand drivers vehicles as well as keep you posted on our new campaigns. If you are a full time driver selling advertising on your car, keep in mind most companies you approach will want to advertise on multiple vehicles. So there is the opportunity to earn the $300 for the ad on your car plus the $40 monthly commission for every other car the business you refer to our network of drivers.

Call, text or write to 305-400-9490 and sales@adsonrides.com to let us know the company and their contact information that is interested in advertising. We will reach out to your referral and let you know if we close the sale. We are here to help you succedd when approaching companies looking to advertise with our global network of on demand drivers!